The Mirage Call Accounting System

The Mirage Call Accounting System

Call Accounting provides comprehensive tracking of all calls made by guests. Easy to use and modify, this package will pay for itself in just a few months by eliminating high-priced third party maintenance costs. Telephone usage and price management is in your hands.

Automatically send a message to staff alerting them if a telephone deposit has been exceeded, allowing the proper action to be taken. No more skip outs- you have complete control

Track all phone calls made per room, including the number of calls, length, and cost. Calls are billed according to self-maintained markup percentages. Interface to the Mirage Hotel package for a complete billing solution.

  • Setup and Modify Markup Percentages
  • Self Maintained Area Code and Zone File
  • Charge Breakdown by Room and Department
  • Automatic Credit Checking

Reports Available:

  1. Calls Made By Extension
  2. Wake-up Call Log
  3. Complete Detailed Listing of All Telephone Calls