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Mirage Hotel Systems (MHS) Hotel Software was established September 1985. Windows and graphic displays did not exist at this time, only DOS, Unix and some other proprietary operating systems.
It started with a basic Hotel software management system. Over the years other applications such as Call Accounting, Food & Beverage POS, Yield Management were added.
All of the software is designed , developed, coded and owned by MHS and fully integrated together.

Hotel SoftwareIn order to utilize all the new hotel software technology can offer a new version was designed and developed from scratch using Microsoft SQL Database and Visual Studio.
The new design is the result of over 25 years of experience in this industry embedded with most recent Technological tools . .
It is designed to deliver maximum efficiency and information with minimum effort and training.

Using Industry standard tools has allowed us to connect (Interface) with any other device such as key or telephone systems and Web products that enhance and streamline the operation like GDS.

Hotel SoftwareDuring 2010 Mirage Hotel Software Systems working with the Good Nite Inns developed a customized software for their corporate office that allows them to Monitor the operation and Manage rates and availability for all of their properties by the corporate system automatically by preset parameters.