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Mirage Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Mirage has succeeded in becoming the total hotel management system solution for the hotel PMS industry by integrating front office, restaurant POS, call accounting, yield management and time card software in one easy to use system. Real time Internet reservations, emailing capabilities and one-click remote access are all built into the system.

Hotel PMS Front Office:

  • One-step room billing with complete display of all charges and payments
  • Simple and fast check in and check out
  • Complete audit trail
  • Utilities to simplify complex transactions such as room transfer, reinstating checked-out rooms, extending stays, blocking sections, transferring charges to another room, accounts receivable etc…
  • Travel agent commission tracking, aging and check printing
  • Corporate billing and accounts receivable statement generation and transaction history


  • Quick, complete, and easy to use by utilizing reservation wizard
  • Fast inquiry for available rooms by type, location, class, etc…
  • Lists available rooms in prioritized order
  • Reservation search & sort by any field
  • Tracking reservations by guest
  • Analytical reports to maximize occupancy
  • Drag & Drop Reservations to change room assignment

Hotel Management System:

  • Configure the hotel management system accounting setup into the system
  • Define, design, and control operation
  • Rate & revenue management , Daily restrictions & Events
  • Hotel PMS 24/7 reliability
  • Package deals and weekly or monthly lease setups
  • Marketing analysis report


  • List of interest places with direction & info printable for guests


  • Housekeeper – front desk communications
  • Maid assignment with individual report and log
  • Maintenance report, lost and found, special requests

Night Audit:

  • One step posting of daily, weekly and monthly charges
  • Tasks to complete & auto complete tasks feature
  • Comprehensive report generation
  • Reports can be emailed to the address you specify


Hotel Management SystemThe Food and Beverage System provides you with tools necessary to better manage inventory, track sales and analyze the productivity of employees. Easy to learn and use, training time is virtually eliminated. Integrated with the front office provides customized information about the hotel guest and allows for combined Hotel & F&B Revenue Reports

Mirage Food and Beverage is a complete Point of Sale system with comprehensive inventory and receiving capabilities. Inventory is set up by item and ingredient, deducting from on-hand amount as menu selections are chosen for preparation. Printers in the kitchen, bar etc. will automatically print the items needed from each location as the order is entered. Mirage Food & Beverage pricing options give you the ability to set up fourteen separate pricing levels automatically changing depending upon the time of day.

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Create and modify your own custom menus
  • Detailed security control
  • Handles cash, credit, direct billing, & room charges
  • Hotel PMS 24/7 Reliability

Hotel Management SystemThe Yield Hotel Management System is designed to provide hotels with the power to analyze and suggest the most profitable room yields. The system analyzes the multilevel pricing structure and automatically proposes rates based upon future occupancy trends.

Extensive room forecasting capabilities help you project the number of rooms that will be sold. Room rates can be changed based upon a specific date, room/reservation type, and occupancy. On-screen display of suggested daily rates.

Eliminate the tedious daily maintenance of room rates. Mirage Hotel PMS Yield Hotel Management is cost-efficient and provides you features no one else can offer.

  • Allocates specific number of rooms to each market segment
  • Interface to Mirage Front Office
  • Unlimited history file
  • Multilevel rate table
  • Change room rates automatically
  • On-screen display of suggested rates based on occupancy
  • Thirty-day forecasting
  • Hotel PMS 24/7 Reliability

Reports available:

  1. Budget Comparison report
  2. Daily Comparison report

Hotel Management SystemCall Accounting provides comprehensive tracking of all calls made by guests. Easy to use and modify, this package will pay for itself in just a few months by eliminating high-priced third party maintenance costs. Telephone usage and price management is in your hands.

Track all phone calls made per room, including the number of calls, length, and cost. Calls are billed according to self-maintained markup percentages. Interface to the Mirage Hotel management system package for a complete billing solution.

  • Setup and Modify Markup Percentages
  • Self Maintained Area Code and Zone File
  • Charge Breakdown by Room and Department
  • Automatic Credit Checking

Hotel PMS Reports Available:

  1. Calls Made By Extension
  2. Wake-up Call Log
  3. Complete Detailed Listing of All Telephone Calls

Hotel Management SystemWhat should you expect from your Property management system ONLINE booking ?
Mirage hotel management system Online booking uses real-time Inventory and rates, with a current live confirmation number and automatic email Confirmation once the reservation is made and is 100% Commission free made from your hotel’s web site. Interface to GDS companies is also available
Web presence is a must for the hotel business today. Thanks to the Internet and Global Distribution Systems, small hotels are able to be more competitive with larger hotels and hotel chains
Hotel Management SystemWith Mirage Property management system, you also enjoy the convenience of remote access. Not only will your staff be able to access the system from any work station on the property , but you will also be able to access it through any available Internet connection. With our hotel management system, you will never lose access to critical information about your business because you are not on the property.
Hotel Management SystemOur servers come with SSD drives ( With RAID1 configuration ) to protect your data and make it available to you 24/7 even if your Internet is down.
Hotel Management SystemReliability and security of data is very important to us, to protect your customers’ credit card data we DO NOT keep any Credit card information on our servers, they are all kept safely on the credit card possessing system to safeguard your clients from electronic identity theft. Even the credit card readers are encrypted keeping our software out of the PCI compliance scope.

Mirage Hotel Management System